Conference Updates

With only 60 days until CAST things are starting to fill up. The “Coaching Testers” tutorial is now full but there still are three excellent tutorials left to choose from. In addition the Hilton, which is connected to the conference center, is sold out so please consider staying at the Concourse Hotel.

While it is true that we limit attendance to 250 attendees, there is still time to register for CAST.

We are looking forward to meeting you in Madison at the end of August.



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 webCAST Changes

Full Length Sessions

Two years ago we started live web-streaming portions of CAST. During CAST 2011 and 2012 we broadcast keynotes and a special track called “Emerging Topics.” These talks were longer than a lightning talk but shorter than a regular session.

Due to the overwhelmingly positive response the last two years we have decided to do it again this year, but with a twist. This year we will be broadcasting keynotes and full length sessions!

While not as good as being at CAST in person the webCAST should give you a glimpse into what makes CAST special.

“CAST Live”

If you stuck around the last two years after the close of the conference day then you know about “CAST Live” which was hosted by Benjamin Yaroch. In 2011 and 2012 Ben was joined by Tim Coulter and they recapped the days events and interviewed influential testers.

If you enjoyed the show the last two years then we have great news! With a little bit of arm twisting we’ve convinced Ben to join us again but this time Paul Holland will joining him.

Stick around after the close of the conference and catch “CAST Live.” (If you are attending CAST join us in Hall AB for the broadcast)

Break Sponsors

It started out as the three amigos but quickly grew to five. Thanks to these five individuals you will be able to enjoy not only a milk & cookies break but also an ice cream bar!

Special thanks to the following AST members for making that happen:

  • Matt Heusser (Excelon Development)
  • Pete Walen
  • Michael Larsen (aka “TestHead”)
  • Jean-Anne Harrison
  • Anna Royzman

Want to join sponsor a portion of CAST? Drop us a line.