Workshop on Self Education (WHOSE)

As time progresses, we see that a lot of new things are introduced in the world of testing. Things like Cloud, IoT, Mobile, Accessibility, and AI to name a few. We are looking for people who want to brainstorm with us and help to improve and expand the body of knowledge.

Our goal is to produce a skills inventory that is context driven. In other words, a list of skills describing each skill and including references for the reader on where to go for more. These references might include exercises, papers, videos, books, etc. The purpose of the skills inventory is to promote self-education; providing the reader with a place to start on how to learn about software testing.

This list will be neither exhaustive nor completely correct – but it needs to be better than nothing. We will attract contributors with a demonstrated knowledge of testing and enough experience teaching to have high confidence in the result.


WHOSE 2019

  • Date: 17-19 May, 2019
  • Location: Neumont College of Computer Science, Salt Lake City, UT
  • Organizers: Simon ‘Peter’ Schrijver,  Matt Heusser, Dwayne Green

WHOSE 2019 will continue with the work that the people did on WHOSE in 2013. They created a body of knowledge which can be found on the WHOSE wiki.

The workshop will use a facilitated exercise to produce a high-level outline of tester skills, combined with open-space style meetings to fill in the outline. Every attendee will contribute.


WHOSE 2013

  • Date: December 5-7, 2013
  • Location: Westlake, OH
  • Hosts: Matthew Heusser, Erik Davis, Peter Schrijver.
  • Resources: CFP