Software Testing in Financial Services (STiFS) #9

Call for Participation

Sunday & Monday May 19-20, 2013

New York City


STiFS 9 Theme: Organizational Structure Models for Test Groups at Financial Firms

We are interested in hearing your first hand experiences about managing testing of financial applications within the framework of the following topics:

  • Transition between Centralized or Decentralized QA or Test organizations
  • Centers of Excellence
  • Tester Staffing Models
  • Organizational Metrics
  • Internal/External Audit
  • ROI

We are specifically interested in the financial aspect of such organizational structures for testing. For example, a focusing question for the workshop would be, what, if anything, is specific to financial services that would make one model more appropriate than another, within in a given context?



Please contact Bernie Berger ( identifying yourself, your background, what you would like to present, how long the presentation will take, any special equipment needs, and what written materials you will provide. Along with traditional presentations, we are willing to consider proposed activities and interactive demonstrations.


Please send a message to Bernie Berger ( that describes your background and your interest in our theme as well as testing financial software.

Anyone who attends STiFS is welcome to write papers or give presentations that summarize and/or extend the work done at STiFS. As a condition of attending, you grant other attendees the right to use, with appropriate attribution, the work you do or present at STiFS in their courses, papers or presentations. A full description of the STiFS Workshop follows. For further information about the workshop, please contact Bernie Berger at .


STiFS is supported by the Association for Software Testing