Don’t follow the leader

Frequently throughout my career I’ve had people say to me “we should test like company X” or “lets do technique Y here because it worked for person Z there.” On this surface this seems like a good idea, just follow the path blazed by others because it leads to success, right? However I’ve learned that replicating […]

When cooperation becomes contempt

As a tester, I provide a service to the projects I work on. I help my stakeholders (developers, project managers, customers) by gathering important information about the product and reporting it. Often this information isn’t positive because I am highlighting things that could reduce the value of the product. Even so typically my work is […]

Hire Ben Yaroch!

I’m currently available and looking for new test leadership or testing work. I’m located in Madison, WI and would like to work locally but am open to working remotely. I’m a context-driven tester and manager who views software testing as a skilled craft and my chosen career. I feel as a manager and tester that […]

Team Strength Through Weakness

When I was a kid a army soldier told me, “you are only as strong as your weakest man.” Recently I was reflecting on this statement in the context of software test teams and planning. I recognize that each member on a test team has a unique skill-set. When I lead teams I try to […]

A cook or a chef?

Periodically I gain insight or inspiration from studying unrelated areas or industries, this was the case when I was struck by the similarities between testing and cooking. On the surface they seem drastically different but as you dig deeper you start to see the similarities. The most basic type of cooking involves following recipes. These […]