“CAST Live”

I realized the other day that I’ve been involved with something for years that I’ve failed to mention here. Since 2011 I’ve hosted an evening show at CAST where I interview interesting testers as part of AST’s conference live-stream. If you didn’t know about it or haven’t had a chance to check it out please […]

webCAST 2014

I will be at the helm again this year running the livestream for CAST 2014. It’s totally free and worth checking out! I’ll also be hosting an evening show called “CAST Live” on the 12th and 13th at the end of the conference day. Reminder: Have twitter open while you are watching so you can […]

Dice.com: Interview on Interviewing Testers

A few weeks ago a writer for Dice.com approached me about interviewing testers. She was doing a series centered around interview questions for technical positions; good responses, bad responses, and rational. I’ve written about interviewing and been part of panel discussions before (Part I, Part II) so I was honored to have the opportunity to […]

Software Testing Patch

A while back I created a software testing patch. While I never had it made I thought it was still worth sharing.
The eye is for observation, the lightning bolt is for action, the day is knowledge, the night is the unknown, the square waves are software…

Tester’s Creed

Tirelessly I shall defend my craft as cognitively complex, empirical, and scientific. Energetically I will meet each challenge set before me. For each challenge allows me to stretch my abilities which makes me a stronger, more skilled tester. Stakeholders shall be the cornerstone of my existence, and I shall strive to provide quality-related information in […]