Committee on Standards and Professional Practices (CSPP)

The Committee on Standards and Professional Practices (CSPP) will advance the AST as a credible, trusted, cited, and authoritative source of information regarding Testing Standards, Tester Certification, and the Regulation of Software Testing and Software Quality. They will directly engage with and attempt to influence these issues by:

  • Working with the board to articulate official AST positions on Testing Standards and Tester Certifications, reflecting the mission and values of AST.
  • Publishing reviews and critiques of specific standards and certifications.
  • Advocating for case studies that articulate how software testing is effectively conducted in regulated environments.
  • Providing timely commentary when software quality issues become news stories or have wide industry impacts.

Benefit to Membership

In order to benefit the membership of the AST and wider community, this committee will:

  • Present positions and rhetoric at testing conferences, sharing findings and inviting feedback to improve them.
  • Publicly seek seats on standards bodies such as ISO, enter comments on standards under development, and contribute to new standards.
  • Conduct workshops to finalize and gather support and signatories for the positions and critiques they develop.
  • Monitor legislative activity pertaining to software testing, quality, and engineering, report on what is happening to AST at large, and attempt to intervene/engage with legislative investigations and actions.


Meetings of the CSPP will take place at no less than once per annual quarter and may increase at the discretion of the committee chair.

Current Members

Eric Proegler (Chair)

Governance and Budget

Any material produced by the CSPP must be approved by majority vote of the Executive committee of the AST prior to publication via written consent. A standing annual budget has been allocated to the ongoing maintenance of the operations to be expended at the discretion of the committee chair.