Committees and Special Interest Groups

Committees and Special Interest Groups (SIGs) are formed by AST members with a desire to pursue significant, long-term activity in an area of interest to the Association. As a member you are invited to join existing Committee or SIG or propose a new one. Committees are supported by AST while SIGs are self supporting. Currently, AST currently has the following Committee.

Education Committee (formerly EdSig)

This Committee is dedicate to educating software test professional through programs like AST-BBST and our previous partnership with SummerQAmp. Make a difference in our industry by shaping AST’s educational resources.

Committee on Standards and Professional Practices (CSPP)

This committee exists to engage directly with standards and regulations, and the organizations proposing them. CSPP aims to interact with these organizations, provide reviews and critiques, describe alternatives, and highlight what actually works in the real world.

For more information on CSPP, look here.

Committee on Certifications (CC)

For more information on CC, look here.

Committee on Standards (CS)

For more information on CS, look here.

Starting a SIG

Below are items to be included when proposing a SIG. Please email your proposal to the President. The AST board of directors will review the proposal and respond.

  1. What is the focus, need, and purpose of this SIG? (An example mission or charter is helpful)
  2. What activities will be done by this SIG? (publications, workshops, multimedia)
  3. Who will lead the SIG? (They must be an AST member in good standing)
  4. Is there a need for funding? What will it be used for and how much is needed?

Please review the SIG policies prior to proposal.

AST SIG Policies Document