Workshop On Self-Education in software testing (WHOSE)

Over the weekend of December 5-7, 2013, a number of dedicated software testers, with the support of AST, held a Barcamp style Open Space event, with the goal to produce a skills inventory that is context driven. AST held this event with one requirement: to produce a first-draft skills inventory, licensed under creative commons with attribution or a similar (free/open) licensing model. The purpose of the skills inventory is to promote self-education; providing the reader with a place to start on how to learn software testing.

That document now exists as a wiki that anyone who wishes to read. More important, if you wish to edit and add to it, you can do that, too.

The AST WHOSE wiki is here:

If you would like to contribute to the WHOSE project, please send an email to whose@associationforsoftwaretesting.org and asked to be added as an editor.