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Madison, WI

Situated on an isthmus between Lake Mendota and Lake Monona Madison is the capital of the state of Wisconsin. National groups and magazines rank Madison highly for being a very bike-friendly city, a great place to raise a family, having a healthy and fit population, and an overall quality of life. In fact Madison was recently named by Reuters as the most educated city in the U.S.

This exceptional quality of life has made Madison the melting pot of the Midwest. You’ll find professionals, students, families, hippies, musicians and everything in between. This diversity is echoed in the business community. Madison is home to both Fortune 500 companies and vibrant small businesses, all deeply rooted in technology.

Shopping, dining, and a strong cultural arts scene are a large part of Madison’s identity. Madison is known to have more restaurants per capita than any other American city. With this year’s conference located in the heart of downtown there will be no shortage of culinary options. In fact the conference center is a short walk from State Street.

State Street is a pedestrian mall noted not only for the large number of excellent restaurants but also for its eclectic range of ethnic eateries. From Afghan, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Mediterranean and Vietnamese to hamburgers and brats, deli, coffee shops, continental and gourmet dining, you can find whatever you’re hungry for. With over 60 restaurants and over 20 outdoor sidewalk cafes to choose from the sky is the limit!

After you’ve had something to eat be sure to experience the State Capitol, museums, theatrical performances and lively nightlife. The State Capitol schedules free tours daily; the Madison Children’s Museum features exhibits and hands on activities for the whole family; the State Historical Museum highlights Wisconsin’s past & present; and the Wisconsin Veterans Museum and Overture Center are also favorite attractions. The Overture Center showcases both local and national theatrical performances, dance, opera and other entertainment.

After the sun goes down be sure to check out the vibrant nightlife which offers lots of live music and pubs to choose from. From great local breweries and taverns featuring specialty beers and drinks to cigar bars, comedy clubs, music, and entertainment, there are a variety of activities to enjoy into the evening and well into the morning.

Madison is a creative and well educated city, but retains a small-town feel. In short, there is something for everybody in Madison, WI…enjoy!

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Monona Terrace Convention Center®

Located on the shores of Lake Monona stands a Frank Lloyd Wright masterpiece – The Monona Terrace Community and Convention Center®. Frank Lloyd Wright, a Wisconsin native and internationally-renowned architect, originally proposed a design for the Monona Terrace Community Convention Center in 1938. His architectural vision for the City of Madison – a curvilinear gathering place that would link the shore of Lake Monona to the State Capitol. With interiors designed by Taliesin architect Tony Puttnam, Monona Terrace spans ninety feet out over shimmering waters, incorporating modern technology and amenities with the architect´s signature organic design.

This year’s conference sessions will be held in the convention center’s “Hall of Ideas,” which is a perfect fit for a conference that has spawned some of the greatest ideas in software testing. In addition lunches and breakout sessions will be held in the Grand Terrace overlooking beautiful Lake Monona. If you would like to take a break or enjoy the scenic vista’s, head to the roof gardens and enjoy the panoramic views of both the lake and downtown.

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Grand Terrace

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Monona Terrace Community and Convention Center
One John Nolen Drive
Madison, WI 53703
Phone: 608.261.4000
TTY: 608.261.4150
Fax: 608.261.4049
If using a GPS device please use these coordinates rather than One John Nolen Drive: N 43 4.167 W 89 22.966
You will arrive at the John Nolen Drive entrance to the Monona Terrace parking ramp.