TiCCA19 – Workshops

We are delighted to offer two full-day workshops, both delivered by world-class Melbourne IT talent.

Workshop 1

Scott Miles Leveraging the Power of API Testing


Are you suffering from outdated UI automation tests that slow down the development process, frequently fail for no apparent reason and take longer to create/update than the code that they are testing? Is your workplace breaking down their large monolith systems into smaller microservices and looking to discover how each system can be tested independently? Are you looking to improve your automation knowledge and attempting to keep relevant in a rapidly evolving field?

This workshop will give you the knowledge you need to perform API testing and experience in implementing your first API test automation framework.

What you’ll learn

  • What is an API?
  • How can API testing solve some of the problems experienced with end to end testing?
  • How to investigate and debug APIs using developer tools
  • How to manually test an API using Postman
  • How to design and build a simple API automation framework
  • How to mock an API

Technologies used

  • Postman (tool)
  • Git (source control management)
  • NodeJS (language)
  • Chai (library)
  • Mocha (library)
  • Nock (library)


Bio & photo

Scott Miles is an international speaker, published writer, workshop instructor and and testing enthusiast. He is a prominent member in the Melbourne testing community where he organises the local meetup group Test Engineering Alliance of Melbourne, the collaboration workshop Quality Exchange as well as the testing conferences Quality Software Australia, Australian Testing Days and Australian Test & Tech Automation Conference.

Scott is employed as a Principal Quality Analyst at MYOB, where he promotes the latest technologies and approaches to improve the quality of their products. Scott enjoys challenging what is accepted as standard practice and is always striving to get more out of his team and tools. To this end, Scott has published several articles and papers regarding the limitation of automation techniques and is constantly promoting the use of smarter and better tools.

Workshop 2

Toby Thompson Applied Exploratory Testing


Learn to think like an Exploratory Tester! Open up lines of enquiry you never thought existed and generate useful ideas to become a more productive member of a team. Applied Exploratory Testing is a practical workshop that aims to draw out the very best of your thinking and questioning powers.

Exploring, thinking, critiquing, modelling and questioning in any context is not as easy as it might seem. Learn to explore systems using a wide range of techniques, tools and ideas to ensure the quality of your product throughout its development.

This course is for all team members, and can be completed individually or as part of a group. The program aims to make you a better thinker all round – so you don’t need to be a tester or a QA or any given named role because we believe everyone in a project team can contribute to the quality of the products they are building. Regardless of the software lifecycle model and your role you will take home a set of skills that you can use in multiple contexts.

Learning Outcomes

This practical workshop gives attendees the fundamentals of how to plan and structure an effective and efficient approach to Exploratory Testing. They will understand the important factors to be considered in the planning of Exploratory Testing and the key techniques and tools that can be used. They will be able to apply these tools and techniques as soon as they return to work.


  • Introduction – what is Exploratory Testing?
  • Preparation and Planning
  • Critical Thinking and Analysis
  • Tools – Models. Mnemonics, Tours, Heuristics and Checklists
  • Tracking – Test Charters, Session-Based and Thread-Based Management
  • Using tools to assist with Exploratory Testing
  • Generating and reporting meaningful results


A laptop/notebook is required to get the most out of this workshop.

Bio & photo

Toby ThompsonToby is a a Senior Knowledge Engineer (specializing in Testing and Agility) at SoftEd, with 20 years’ experience in the field of Information Technology.

His numerous roles include: Business Owner, Managing Director, Business Analyst, Project Manager, Test Consultant, Mentor, Coach and Trainer.

His key areas of specialisation are in Software Testing and the ‘Agile’ domains.

His training portfolio includes both ISTQB (Foundation, Agile, Advanced Test Management and Advanced Test Analysis) and ICAgile (Agile Fundamentals) as well as non-certified courses; Applied Exploratory Testing, Risk-Based Testing, User Acceptance Testing courses and other specialised custom-made courses.

Toby has spent the last 17 years teaching courses to over 3000 students. He has been a principal trainer and consultant across many industry sectors including finance, banking, telecommunications, retail, publishing, advertising and utilities.

Toby was the Owner and Managing Director of Disqover, a specialist testing training company that delivered training in Australia, New Zealand, South East Asia and the UK. He has been heavily involved in the development of numerous course titles relating to Business Analysis, Software Testing and Agile approaches.