TiCCA19 – Packages & Pricing

Registration for TiCCA19 will be in three stages, with earlier registrations rewarded with some significant savings. The three stages are described below along with full pricing details.

Stage 1 – Howzat

(stage closed at 6pm AEDT on 21st November, 2018)

Every summer Saturday, the air is thick with the sound of cricketers shouting “howzat” as they wait for the umpire to make a decision. The prize – the wicket of a batsman and a step closer to victory. You already know we have three fantastic full-day workshops too choose from – so why not get in early and save some serious coin? That’s a win. When we announce the full conference programme, you’ll be looking at the value and shouting “Howzat”! (Note that there is very limited availability in this first stage, so catch yourself a bargain while you can.)

Stage 2 – Little Ripper

(stage closed at 6pm AEDT on 15th January, 2019)

We understand if you’d rather see the full programme before registering, but still want to grab yourself a bargain. This is the option for you. We’ll still reward you for registering nice and early with a chunk off the full conference and workshop prices, you “Little Ripper”!

Stage 3 – Fair Dinkum

(on sale now)

Some folks leave things to the last minute. Your organization might make you wait for approval, even to attend our fine conference. Registrations are welcomed right up to the event – but we won’t punish you for taking your time, so don’t worry about being ripped off. We will keep our prices fair & affordable for everyone, we’re “fair dinkum” about that.

AUD pricesAST memberNon-AST member
Conference only400525
Workshop only400525
Conference and workshop7751025
Little Ripper
Conference only500650
Workshop only550725
Conference and workshop9751275
Fair Dinkum
Conference only550725
Workshop only625825
Conference and workshop11001425