TiCCA19 – Keynotes

Lynne Cazaly 

Try to See It My Way: Communication, Influence and Persuasion

Lynne Cazaly

The conference theme – based on the song by Paul Kelly ‘From little things big things grow’ – tells the story about a struggle for equality and land rights in Australia.

How might this translate to our daily workplaces?

There are most certainly information, power and status challenges in every workplace, every day, that cause misunderstandings, disengagements, conflicts, costly reworks and …plenty of time wasting. Not to mention the frustration, annoyance and irritation that goes along with it!

‘Try to see it my way’ identifies how testers, developers – technical and engineering types – may see, think and explain things, and how some managers and administrators might be seeing, thinking and explaining things … in quite a different way!

This is not an us and them situation. It’s us. All of us.

Gain incredible insights into how we think (big picture and details), how we package up information and how we can adopt different roles – beyond our titles – to be more effective communicators, influencers and persuaders … even when we feel like tearing our hair out!


Lynne Cazaly is a keynote speaker, author and facilitator. She is the author of 5 books:

Agile-ish: How to create a culture of agility

Leader as Facilitator: How to inspire, engage and get work done

Making Sense: A Handbook for the Future of Work

Create Change: How to apply innovation in an era of uncertainty

Visual Mojo: How to capture thinking, convey information and collaborate using visuals.       

She works with project teams, executives and senior leaders on major change and transformation projects.

She helps people distil their thinking, apply ideas and innovation and boost the engagement and collaboration effectiveness of teams.

Lynne is an experienced board director and chair. She is also a partner with Thought Leaders and on faculty of Thought Leaders Business School.

Ben Simo

Is There A Problem Here?

Ben Simo

Modern society runs on software. Software that is intended to make our lives easier often brings pain along with the joy. In spite of modern software development tools and techniques that make it easier than ever to build, test and deliver software: software continues to inject complexity and frustration into our lives.

Bad software is now part of the human experience. As software professionals, we can learn from this experience. Join Ben Simo for a whirlwind tour through real-world software problems.

Learn to go beyond confirming correctness, and look for problems before they impact the most important part of every software system: the people. Learn to ask “Is there a problem here?”


Ben Simo, aka QualityFrog, is an amphibious time-traveling context-driven cyborg software investigator.

In his nearly 30 years as a professional software tester, Ben has seen technologies and techniques come and go; while one thing remains the same: software is built by, used by, and impacts people. Ben approaches software testing as observational and experimental investigation that enables people to make better decisions that result in better software. Ben currently helps teams build better software at Medidata Solutions. Ben shares wild-caught software problems at IsThereAProblemHere.com.