CAST 2020

After carefully monitoring the situation with COVID-19 and our options moving forward, it is clear to us that going forward with CAST2020 is not a reasonable option.

We have looked at all different models we can think of – smaller physical conference, moving to later in 2020, doing a hybrid model, doing it all online. What we have agreed on is that none of those options will be good enough for our own expectations of a CAST conference. The unique experience CAST has proved to deliver requires in-person interaction. We do not believe we can transfer that value to any other format. And we will not compromise on that. 

All ticket holders will be have been offered a full refund. 

We will hold an annual member meeting and run our board elections in another format, around the time CAST2020 would have happened. More on this here

Our intention is to move the theme and program for 2020 to 2021: same Program Chairs, maybe the same location, and hopefully, almost the same program. 

We are looking at what sorts of virtual events we would like to hold this year. We are looking into interesting webinars, paid online training, social events and maybe smaller peer-to-peer conferences online. We invite your ideas – we can provide the software and marketing assistance if we have good ideas to develop.

We are sorry for the bad news about CAST. We will continue to look for ways to share your ideas with the community. We will rise again.