Test Coach Camp 2012

Test Coach Camp 2012

Test Coach Camp 2012 is now over!


San Jose, California, July 14 -15 2012. Precedes the Conference of the Association for Software Testing (CAST 2012).

The goal of this meeting is to build relationships and ideas that are useful to the greater test community in the area of coaching, to develop plans to advance the practice of test coaching, and the field of software testing.

We want to provide at least one definition of test coaching that stands up to scrutiny, examples of test coaching, ideas to help people get started (or continue) in test coaching, along with starting several projects designed to advance the role of the test coach, the field or software testing, the mission of the AST, or all three.

Test Coach Camp is an open spaces style conference. The value we find in the conference will be a reflection of the value that we bring.

We intend to run the event as an open space meeting with up to three tracks. Based on demand, we may develop some preplanned sessions.

This is a can’t-miss event because:

  • We put the best people in the field in one room – people doing software testing, test coaching, and helping others do it
  • That group of people will decide on a small handful of things we could do to impact the software test community in a wildly positive way (generally through coaching of software testers)
  • This will include discussion what coaching is, how to do it, and how to do it better
  • We will document some of our existing test coaching practices
  • We will invent and experiment with new test coaching practices
  • It may involve discussing new, fundamental roles for testers and leaders of testers
  • We will discuss, document, and create new ways to inspire and encourage testers
  • We will leave the event with some things actually done, and hopefully launch a slew of new projects


Hosts: Matthew Heusser, Doug Hoffman and Matt Barcomb.