2nd Modern Exploratory Testing Peer Conference

The 2nd Modern Exploratory Testing Peer Conference is over!



Cocoa Beach, Florida, 16.8.2019. This workshop is the second in the series of celebrating the 35th anniversary of Cem Kaner coining the term Exploratory Testing to describe a style of skilled multidisciplinary testing common in Silicon Valley. It will run in conjunction with CAST 2019.

The topic is  Exploratory Testing in Continuous Delivery. We are looking for variety of practical examples of how exploratory testing has been applied in continuous delivery (releases at least biweekly) and the benefits or challenges encountered.

The workshop will be held as a peer conference on exploratory testing, and is meant to allow experienced testing professionals to get feedback and share knowledge between various organizations and groups. The workshop is free: the cost is your time as an active participator.

The communication style we require is non-confrontational seeking to understand and enhance other’s ideas and contributions to make our shared understanding stronger with everyone’s voices included.



Session leads: Maaret Pyhäjärvi, Anne-Marie Charrett