CASTx17 is now over!


Alice looked through the looking glass and entered a different world, an alternate reality. In Doctor Who, the Doctor accidentally enters a parallel universe while attempting to repair the TARDIS console. Dorothy arrives in a magical country called Oz thanks to a cyclone.

With the rapid pace of change we are currently experiencing it can often feel that we are living in some alternate reality. New technology has impacted not only what we test, but how we test it. Trends such as the internet of things, microservices, continuous delivery/deployment, devops, mobile, and cross functional teams demand that we constantly re-invent our testing approaches and update our technical capabilities. Agile, with its cross functional teams, challenges us to collaborate beyond testers.

For CASTx17, the first AST conference in Australasia (a place considered by Europeans to be alternate reality until 250 years ago) we think it’s fitting to look at some of these almost fantastical technologies and ideas. We want to hear your stories and experiences of implementing these concepts and technologies. What worked? What failed? What tools did you use and why? We’re also looking for experiential sessions from testers and non-testers alike that either introduce people to these ideas or deepen their existing knowledge and understanding.


  • Program Chairs: Anne-Marie Charrett, Fiona Charles, Sigge Birgisson, Craig Smith, Alessandra Moreira
  • Conference Chair: Ilari Henrik Aegerter