CAST 2013

CAST 2013 is now over!


The theme for CAST 2013 was “Old Lessons applied and new lessons learned: advancing the practice and building a foundation for the future.” What we learn from our experiences helps shape us as human beings. What we learn from the experiences of others can give us new insight and new perspectives.The industry we work in is multifaceted and the technologies we work with are rapidly changing. Some testing truisms stand up over time. Some fall into obsolescence as others rise to take their place.

At this year’s conference speakers have shared the lessons that they have learned in Software Testing, as well as how these lessons influence the way that we approach testing both now and in the future. These sessions were filled with real-world experiences, stories, thoughts, observations, and demonstrations.


  • Program Chair: Ben Kelly and Louise Perold
  • Conference Chair: Benjamin Yaroch