CAST 2009

Serving Our Stakeholders

13-16 July, 2009

Colorado Springs, Colorado

CAST 2009

CAST 2009 is now over!


Keynote Presentation by Dr. Jonathan Koomey

Project Scientist at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Consulting Professor at Stanford University,
and author of “Turning Numbers into Knowledge: Mastering the Art of Problem Solving”

Over the past 40 years, software design and construction techniques have evolved spectacularly. Each year, we build larger and more complex programs that we could the year before. Unfortunately, many of our test techniques and management maxims come decades past — a time when software was simpler and computer time cost more than people. We must foster significant advances in both theory and practice of testing to catch up with the progress in technology and programming.

Full-day tutorials
  • Turning Numbers Into Knowledge: Honing Your Analytical Skills – Jonathan Koomey
  • Ensuring Testing’s Proper Place in the Organization – Gerald Weinberg
  • Experiencing Agile Integration – Mike Dwyer
  • Metrics, Qualitative Measurement, and Stakeholder Value – Cem Kaner
  • Teach YOURSELF Software Testing – James Bach
  • Testing Your Testing: Determining Risks – Fiona Charles & Michael Bolton