Build, Test, Fix, Retest. It’s time for something different.

It’s time for a TestRetreat facilitated by Matt Heusser.

From 9:00AM and running to 5:00PM Saturday August 19th after CAST, you’ll find something different.  A chance to connect with old friends, make new ones, and build the test experience you really need, based on your shared interest, right now.

Before the Conference

Attendance is limited to 50 total attendees; first come, first serve.

Every attendee will list what they want to talk about. Each attendee should expect to offer at least one session to host.  Hosts can lead discussion, present, or facilitate.

The Open Space Format

Saturday’s “Main Event” will be a full-day open space conference. After gathering a list of proposals, the group will conduct a rapid vote, called a dotting exercise, then create the schedule based on interest.

In other words, the attendees will build the schedule they want, in real time, based on our interests.

A continental breakfast and snacks will be provided. We’ll break for lunch, then regroup and open space for two more hours.  In the afternoon, we may break into groups by project, to plan what we will actually do. The evening is open to teams to go plan and execute on projects.

Why Attend?

• We put the best people in the field in one room – people doing software testing, test coaching, and helping others do it
• That group of people will decide on a small handful of things we could do to impact the software community in a wildly positive way
• The format combines a workshop with Just Enough Structure with plenty of unstructured, informal time.  Or bring your own ideas for what to do Sunday!
• We will share our stories, approaches, and ideas about testing
• We will invent and experiment with new testing and coaching practices
• It may involve discussing new, fundamental roles for testers and leaders of testers
• We will discuss, document, and create new ways to influence the state of the practice, as well as projects to move things forward
• How often do you get a chance to sit back and envision your next few years, surrounded by colleagues that can encourage you and offer realistic feedback?

About Matt Heusser

Matt has deep experience in software testing, project management, development, writing, and systems improvement. His extensive network of contacts in these fields has enabled him to put together a diversified, high-level team of experts at Excelon.

In 2006, Matt was lead organizer for the initial Great Lakes Software Excellence Conference, a regional event that continues today. He organized the Agile-Alliance Sponsored Workshop on the Technical Debt Metaphor, and recently published a leading position paper on the subject for Better Software magazine.

As test and quality lead at Socialtext, Matt organized the test effort while staying a hands-on tester for three years. The test strategies he helped develop there were profiled in the book Beautiful Testing, published by O’Reilly Media in 2009. Chris McMahon described the same methods at the Agile Conference in 2009, and that same work inspired the open-source test framework Selenesse. Matt served on the board of directors for the Association for Software Testing, and was the testing track chair for the Agile Conference in 2013 and 2014.

In 2010 Matt was selected to participate in the American Society for Quality’s “Influential Voices” program, a national-level spotlight program.

You can often find Matt at software testing conferences. He has given presentations at Google’s Test Automation Conference, STAREast, the Software Test Professionals Conference, the Better Software Conference, and many more.