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webCAST 2016

August 9-10

Keynotes – Full Track Sessions – “CAST Live”

We will be live-streaming CAST again this year and be broadcasting both keynotes and full track sessions. The live-stream is free and we don’t ask for any personal information. We provide the live-stream as a service to the testing community to help advance testing by delivering content to those that are unable to attend the conference in person. While the interaction online is limited compared to being at the conference we feel that it has great value and is a unique feature of our conference and our organization.

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Participate Online

Each year we try to find innovate ways to include our live audience. In 2013 we introduced the “Tweet Printer.” This device is powered by a Raspberry Pi and watches the @AST_News twitter stream for questions and prints them in the room during the conference broadcast. These questions are read as time permits allowing our live viewers to have a taste of what its like to confer at CAST. While not a substitute for attending in person those that have used it thought it was very helpful. We will have the tweet printer in the room again this year ready to print your questions.

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