Why do we suggest writing a paper?

Writing a paper forces you to think through ideas completely, well before the conference deadline. Peer review makes helps you think through the ideas through twice, or more.

Writing a paper, for most people, is HARD.  We’d like to see people do it anyway.

We want to reward it by helping you with the paper and helping you think through your ideas.

Some people have a fantastic idea on a presentation.  However, sometimes the idea and a short description is as far as the idea gets. In some cases, the idea of “having a deadline” will force people to get ready for the talk – except that a few won’t. They’ll try to wing it, or develop the material the week before the deadline. This cheapens the meaning of speaking at the event and cheapens the value of the conference. We don’t want people to do this. We believe writing a paper is a strong preventive measure.

If you write a paper, or at least in trying to, you’ll have to think the idea through, then again in review, and you’ll have to do it with plenty of time to spare before the conference. The peer review process will even prepare you, the potential speaker, to prepare for pointed or challenging questions. Doing this the first time from your living room, and your leisure, is a secret kind of a blessing.

By writing a paper, or trying to, the thought gets formed more carefully than it might otherwise.

We will help you with your paper by giving you peer review, which may help you make your presentation better.  Peer review is not an attack. It involves help.  Specifically, it helps you think critically about your own ideas.

About the Paper

We prefer experience reports of approximately 1,000 to 2,000 words (but we can be flexible on length.)  For tutorials, we’d like to see the same basic length.  Please include a bibliography with source and reference material (where appropriate) as well as citations for quotes and other pertinent information.

For a Guide, click here.

Important Dates for Papers

Mid-March, 2016 – Speakers notified of selection & Provisional paper acceptance sent.
May 16, 2016 – First Draft of papers due, with feedback following shortly after receipt.
July 11, 2016 –
 Final Draft of Papers due.