Packages and Pricing

We are pleased to offer world-class tutorials as part of your conference package. We believe they provide excellent value based on content alone. We provide non-profit pricing that is less costly than commercial conferences – significantly so in some cases.

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Membership Level/PackagePricing in USD for Early Bird: March 15, 2016 to June *10*!, 2016
Tutorial + Conference$1050 USD
Conference Only$700 USD
Student Member
Tutorial + Conference$975 USD
Conference Only$625 USD
Tutorial + Conference$1350 USD
Conference Only$900 USD
Membership Level/PackagePricing in USD after June 10, 2016
Tutorial + Conference$1500 USD
Conference Only$1050 USD
Student Member
Tutorial + Conference$1475 USD
Conference Only$975 USD
Tutorial + Conference$1800 USD
Conference Only$1250 USD