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The Association for Software Testing is pleased to announce its eighth annual conference, CAST 2013, to be held in Madison, WI, August 26-28.The theme for CAST 2013 is “Old Lessons applied and new lessons learned: advancing the practice and building a foundation for the future.” What we learn from our experiences helps shape us as human beings. What we learn from the experiences of others can give us new insight and new perspectives.The industry we work in is multifaceted and the technologies we work with are rapidly changing. Some testing truisms stand up over time. Some fall into obsolescence as others rise to take their place.

At this year’s conference speakers will share with you the lessons that they have learned in Software Testing, as well as how these lessons influence the way that we approach testing both now and in the future. These sessions will be filled with real-world experiences, stories, thoughts, observations, and demonstrations.

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AST lines up unique interactive full-day tutorials each led by recognized thought leaders in their areas of expertise. Our hope is that CAST helps you advance the understanding and practice of testing at your organization and around the globe. You’ll have opportunities to share your ideas and learn from thought-leaders, trainers, authors, and peers.




CAST is more than a conference, it’s a unique opportunity to learn and discuss not found anywhere else. Each scheduled session is split into two parts. Half of the session is a presentation by a speaker; however the balance of the time is a facilitated “open season”. This open season allows attendees to question, discuss, and test the presentation. What makes CAST truly unique is what takes place in the hallways, at receptions, and during meals. For many the true value of CAST is the ability to discuss topics you are interested in with peers, experts, and academics that are leading change in the industry.
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Conference Chair

Benjamin Yaroch is a context-driven tester who views software testing as a skilled craft and his chosen career. He is currently the President of AST and he is also a software test manager located in Madison WI. Benjamin has been actively involved in the planning and marketing of CAST the last 3 years and hosted “CAST live” the last 2 years, he is looking forward to making CAST 2013 the best conference to date.

Program Co-Chairs

Ben Kelly
Ben Kelly is a software tester living and working in Tokyo, Japan. He has done stints in various industries including Internet statistics, insurance and most recently online language learning. When he’s not agitating lively discussion on other people’s blogs, he writes sporadically at and is available on twitter.


Louise Perold is a passionate believer in context-driven testing and has been enthusiastically breaking things for over 10 years. She first attended CAST in Seattle in 2007 and this year will be her 6th time at CAST. Louise leads and mentors test teams within the Financial services industry in Johannesburg, South Africa.