Special Events

Testing Competition

Day 1, August 8 – Evening
Come one, come all for a four hour testing competition. We have a developer. We have a real product. Your job (in teams or solo) will be to produce the best bug list that you can. You also get extra points for making test technique reports on video. Cash prizes will be provided by Satisfice.

WT3D – Weekend Testers 3D


Day 2, August 9 – 10:45a – 2:10p
Weekend Testing is an opportunity to test with other enthusiastic testers from all over the world on a product or a concept. Usually the product and the charter/mission is kept under wraps until the session starts so that everyone starts from the same point.
Come join us on Tuesday, Aug. 9th, 2010 at 10:45 AM as CAST participants interact with peers from across the globe to tackle a testing challenge. To join at CAST, come by the wifi lounge. To join remotely, add “weekendtestersamericas” to your Skype ID list and email “WTAmericas@gmail.com” to let us know you would like to participate.

Education Special Interest Group (EdSIG)


Day 2, August 9 – 7:00p
The Education Special Interest Groups (EdSIG) was created to conceive, support, and promote educational programs within AST. As an AST member you are invited to join the EdSIG and be a part of the present and future educational programs we offer. This year we will be discussing what is next for BBST. As always, come ready to share ideas about projects that interest you and be a part of the programs that are shaping the future of the testing community!

Workshop for a Dictionary of Software Testing (WORDS)

August 5-7th
OverviewWhat is the WORDS workshop?WORDS is a 3-day facilitated meeting of experienced software testers who want to contribute to the AST Dictionary Project. This is an effort to build an authoritative dictionary of software testing terminology. Inspired by the Oxford English Dictionary, this is not an attempt to limit the development of testing expressions, but rather to reflect and analyze the usage of terms among thoughtful testing practitioners.ObjectiveOur objective at WORDS is to clarify the policies, processes, and design of the AST Dictionary Project, and get the first of the definitions typed in to the Dictionary Wiki. We will discuss and debate some definitions, as well.

How will the meeting be run?

The meeting will be chaired by James Bach and Cem Kaner.


Who will participate?

Participation is by invitation only and is limited to 15 people. Participants must be experienced testers (oh let’s say 5 years of field experience on test projects, but we will make exceptions for people with a special reputation or an unusually relevant base of experience) who have a demonstrated interest in the use of precise language to describe and explain testing.

Email James Bach (james@satisfice.com) with information about yourself. The deadline for these applications is June 12th.


How much will it cost & who will pay for it?

Attendance is free, except for your own travel and lodging costs. We want your ideas, not your money.


When and where will it take place?

The meeting will happen in Seattle, on August 5-7 (just prior to the CAST conference). The venue is still to be decided. We will gather at 8:30AM and officially begin at 9 and work until 5pm.

The exact address and travel directions will be announced to the participants upon acceptance.