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Aug 8 – 9th – Conference with Track SessionsAug 10th – Full and Half-Day Tutorials

We are pleased to announce our 6th annual Conference of the Association for Software Testing. This years conference promises to be the most unique to date,  it will be the first Context-Driven Testing conference to ever be held. This years program features some most outspoken context-driven testers in the world. This international gathering will span three days in August and offer attendees the opportunity to discuss, debate, question, and learn about Context-Driven Testing.

This year’s theme centers on what it means to perform context-driven testing. Testing, learning, observing, problem solving, understanding, decision making, and applying knowledge – all while taking into consideration the specifics of your mission, environment, customers, product, time lines and other variables that define your context. This year’s conference provides a venue to explore why the context-driven approach to testing is pushing software testing to new levels with “brain engaged” testers with hands-on exercises, demonstrations of live testing, and, as always at CAST, the opportunity to voice your questions and get answers. Think of CAST not as a conference but as continuing education in context-driven testing.

Jon Bach

Conference Chairperson

Jon Bach has been in testing for 15 years, 12 as a manager. His experience includes managing teams at Microsoft, HP, and LexisNexis. The co-inventor (with his brother James) of Session-Based Test Management, Jon frequently speaks about test management and exploratory testing. Jon’s passion is puzzles and games of all kinds. He just started as a Director of Quality Engineering for eBay’s Search & Discovery team where he manages testers and test managers dedicated to testing front-end search on eBay site pages.  He is a collector of trivia there, so if you think you have found the most bizarre thing for sale on eBay, please tell him what you think it is. Find him on Twitter as jbtestpilot, or for most of his presentations, articles.  His blog is

Program Chairperson

James Bach began as a video game programmer in 1983, after quitting high school, but programming quickly lost its new job smell. Fortunately, he bumbled into work as a test manager at Apple Computer and found a role that never gets old: searching for trouble. James likes trouble. Almost immediately, he began to question and reinvent testing for himself. He’s still doing that today, as a world-roving teacher and consulting tester. James is best known for popularizing a skilled approach to exploratory testing, for being a founding member of the Context-Driven school of testing, and for opposing bad certification programs, standards, and trying to make the world a better place for ambitious and serious testers. James is also a founding member of the AST, and has authored two books: Lessons Learned in Software Testing, and Secrets of a Buccaneer-Scholar.