Commercial Use

Commercial or Other Non-AST Use

  • The course materials of most (perhaps all) AST courses are licensed to the public under a Creative Commons attribution license. Anyone can use those materials in their academic, personal, or commercial courses without further permission from or royalty to anyone.
  • An instructor CERTIFIED BY AST to teach Course X can make an agreement with AST to accredit the course and can then advertise the course as AST-accredited and advertise himself or herself as AST-accredited to teach this course. Under the agreement, the instructor must agree to meet AST standards when offering the course commercially. In particular:
    • The structure of the course will be the same as the AST course
    • The workload will be the same as the AST course or heavier
    • The course will include comparable assignments (assignments of comparable relevance and difficulty)
    • The exam study guide will include almost the same questions as the main course (a small number of additions and subtractions is acceptable.)
    • If the course is Bug Advocacy, the software under test must be Open Office.
    • The AST Course Administrator or her or his designee must be allowed to review the instructor’s course materials, including performance of the students, and must be allowed to audit, on reasonable notice, synchronous or live course discussions.
  • A student who takes a course from an AST instructor under the above agreement gets “credit” for the course as if it was taught by AST. A student who completes such a course can have her or his name listed on the AST website in the same way as a student who completed the same course within AST.