When I opened Blogger the other morning I saw that the Hiccupps all-time page view counter had ticked up to exactly 500000.My initial feeling was pleasure. Ooh! A milestone! Half a million views! Get me!But that was fleeting. As with many me…

An alternative to corporate training

So, a couple of months ago, just before summer, I started a new part-time project with a financial services provider here in the Netherlands. They were looking for someone to help two of their testers grow into automation engineers, and someone else within the company (who I worked with on a different project ages ago) referred them to me.

New video chat: Assessing Quality Practices with QPAM

In our new Agile Testing Fellowship Donkeys & Dragons video chat episode, Janet Gregory switched from being co-host with me, to being a guest with Selena Delesie! We talked about assessing quality practices with their Quality Practices Assessment Model, aka QPAM. Selena and Janet explain how they came up with the model. They explain the […]

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My BDD with SpecFlow video course is live!

In October of last year, I met Andrew Knight at the 2022 AutomationSTAR conference in Munich. It was great to finally meet him in person, and during one of our chats, he asked me if I’d be interested in creating another video course for the Test Automation University platform.

The Bell at Albion Bottle

When my dad retired around 20 years ago, I got him a second hand PC and have been serving as first, second, and third-line tech support for him and occasionally his mates ever since. He’s an inveterate story teller and, for a laugh, one time I tol…