A Testing Patina?

 I was in the shed earlier on, spraying the footrest I’ve made for my daughter a metallic purple. As I ghosted the can back and forth, a waft of paint drifted onto the workbench adding another colourful contribution to the happenstance Polloc…

Hire someone with a Testing Education

Whenever possible, you should hire testers with testing certifications

There are 2 big challenges when hiring for a role:

  1. Getting enough applicants
  2. Finding a match within those applicants

Should a hiring manager focus on hiring testers with certifications over those without?

No, they should not.

First, it creates a funnel

My first two (free!) testing community events of 2023

I’ve got a couple of testing community events coming up to kick off 2023. Both are free to attend and are interactive, so I’d love to see some of my blog audience getting involved! 30 January 2023 (8pm AEDT): Steel Yourselves webinar First up is a webinar for the Association for Software Testing as part […]

A Qualified Answer

The Association for Software Testing is crowd-sourcing a book, Navigating the World as a Context-Driven Tester, which aims to provide responses to common questions and statements about testing from a context-driven perspective.It’s being…