Rage Against the Machinery

 I often review and collaborate on unit tests at work. One of the patterns I
see a lot is this:there are a handful of tests, each about a
page longthe tests share a lot of functionality, copy-pastedthe test data is a complex object, created in…

“Intelligently automate everything”

I’m used to seeing my feeds (especially LinkedIn) full of “automate everything” nonsense posts in the field of testing. This stream of misinformation seems to be flowing ever faster as more and more folks jump on the AI bandwagon, whether it’s in “testing tools leveraging AI” or the use of LLM models such as ChatGPT […]

Zooming in and out

Over my career in Software Testing, I’ve had the pleasure to analyze and model a lot of systems. Some of them have had tons of formal architecture models and others have had little more than a few epics and user stories held together by smart engineer…

SoCraTes 2023 – A Place Where I Belong

I nearly didn’t go to SoCraTes this year, the “International Conference for Software Craft and Testing”. My speaking budget was already
strained, my schedule overbooked, and it would have meant going on vacation
time. But then the organizers rea…

Using a custom HttpClient in RestAssured.Net

Last week, I had the pleasure of being a guest on the Test Automation Experience show with Nikolay Advolodkin. In this episode, we talked about RestAssured.Net, I released version 4.1.0 during the podcast, and we discussed some features that have been added to the library in the last couple of releases.