Welcome to Your AST-BBST Course

Note: This page is here to help enrolled students get started. Not currently enrolled in an AST-BBST course? Sign up here or learn more here.


The Online Course Portal

The AST-BBST courses are delivered through an open-source course management system called Moodle (you can learn more about Moodle here). To view your own course’s portal and get started with the class, you will need to enroll in the course.

Enroll in the Course

  1. Visit http://moodle.associationforsoftwaretesting.org.
  2. Click Login in the upper right-hand corner.
  3. Click Create new account if this is your first time taking an AST-BBST course. Otherwise, your login information will be the same as the last time you took a course.
    • Important tip: We strongly recommend using a personal email address (e.g., Gmail) for your Moodle login. Several students have found that they do not receive emails from Moodle when they use a corporate email address.
    • Important tip for return users: We recommend that you clear your browser’s cache/cookies once before logging in for a new class.
  4. Select the course with the same “Course Name” given to you in the welcome email from the BBST Course Coordinator.
  5. Enter the “Enrollment Key” given to you in the welcome email from the BBST Course Coordinator.

Important tip: Be sure to log into the course as soon as you can the first time. This will give us time to get any technical problems straightened out promptly and keep you from falling behind before you even get started.

Accept Course Policies

To participate in the course, you’ll need to review and accept two course policies:

  • The Acceptable Use Policy to protect all of us from spammers and other nuisances.
  • The Intellectual Policy agreement to protect your work and ours.

To review and accept these policies:

  1. Log into your course portal on Moodle.
  2. Click on the Choices option on the left-hand side of the portal under the Activities header.
  3. Click on each of the questions, review the policy, and indicate that you agree.
  4. If you have any questions about the policies, please contact your instructors.

You must agree to these terms by 11:59 PM (ET) on your course’s Start Date or you may not be permitted to continue in the course.


Your Instructors

While the AST-BBST courses are delivered fully online through the Moodle platform, you and your classmates will not be alone: each course has a lead instructor and 1-3 assistant instructors to guide you through the learning experience. You can find information about your instructors under the Your Instructors panel on the course portal’s home page, and interact with them in the Forums section.



Time Commitment

We expect you to visit the course portal several times each week while class is in session. You should plan on spending at least 8-10 hours per week on course-related tasks to keep up, though many students typically spend 12-16 hours per week. For the Foundations course, the pace picks up dramatically after the first ½ week, so it’s easy to fall behind if you aren’t careful; for Bug Advocacy and Test Design, expect to jump right into a quick pace.

Although it is possible to do all of the course work on the weekends, we’ve found that students do much better if they sign into the course regularly throughout the week rather than just on the weekends. This is especially true of the group work where fellow students rely on you to complete the assignments on time.


We expect you to participate in class by posting in the discussion boards (Forums), completing assigned tasks, collaborating with other students, posting peer reviews, and more. You should review the information on the “Start Here” page of the course portal to learn more about expectations for participation. At least one of your instructors will check the course discussion boards each day, but they will not respond to each and every posting you make.


We suggest that you save the contents of the main page of the course portal to a convenient location so you can keep track of tasks that are due. You might want to note important deadlines on your personal calendar to help you keep them in mind as the commitments of the course and your personal schedule increase.


Course Materials

The primary resources in the course are the videos, slides, and readings linked from the course portal. For those who like to read and watch ahead, all of the materials are available to you as soon as you enroll in the course.

So that you can successfully view the course materials, we recommend that you have the following software loaded and running before the start of class:

Modern web browser. It’s often helpful to have several browsers on the computer at any one time. You should have at least two. A couple of popular, reliable choices are Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

PDF viewer. You will need a way to view course readings in PDF format. For Windows users, this might be Adobe Reader; for Mac users, this is usually the built-in Preview app.

Video player. This course relies heavily on video lectures, which are in .mp4 format and linked within the course portal. Most modern web browsers can handle playing these within your browser. If you prefer to download the lectures to view offline, you will need a native video player. VLC media player is a recommended multi-platform option, in addition to Windows Media Player or Apple Quicktime.

Backup. Things break. We don’t like it when it happens, but it’s a fact of your digital life. Be sure you have a backup plan in case your computer crashes sometime during the class. Know where you can go to access the course portal and complete class activities while you work on resuscitating your computer. Also, be sure to keep back-up copies of important class-related documents. You’ll be glad you did.


Need additional help? Please contact your instructors for help with your class, or contact the BBST Coordinator for help with enrollment.