Exploratory Testing Principles 1.0

This is v1.0 of my Exploratory Testing Principles. But what is a principle?

Principle: A belief, a basic truth from where other truths can be built

Whenever testing, we also have a set of principles that guide and support our testing.
Let’s see the p…

Exporting test runs to Splunk

Experimentation is part of the learning process. Quite often I’m challenged with trying out new tools, integrate with them, learn from them. I do like challenges. This week someone asked about exporting information (i.e., test runs) from a well-known t…

Automation is not the goal

Some teams and some people think that automation is the goal. But is it?
Let’s find out.
Why do we automate?
I’ve seen many teams come up with test automation due to these reasons:

someone told us to
we’ve seen other doing it
we have the feeling that …