“Intelligently automate everything”

I’m used to seeing my feeds (especially LinkedIn) full of “automate everything” nonsense posts in the field of testing. This stream of misinformation seems to be flowing ever faster as more and more folks jump on the AI bandwagon, whether it’s in “testing tools leveraging AI” or the use of LLM models such as ChatGPT […]

Going “From Strength to Strength”

I recently read “From Strength to Strength” by Arthur C. Brooks and rarely has a book talked to me as directly as this important effort. I realized after reading this book that I’ve been a striver for as long as I can remember, pushing myself to achieve and enjoy professional success. I was the star […]

ER: Presenting at the Sydney Testers meetup (12th April 2023)

The Sydney Testers meetup has been Australia’s largest testing meetup for many years and I was more than happy to help when organizer, Paul Maxwell-Walters, was looking for speakers. I already had a conference talk “in the can” due to being unable to present at the Melbourne Testing Talks conference in 2022, so my preparation […]

ER: “Ask Me Anything” session on Exploratory Testing

I took part in my first “Ask Me Anything” session on 22nd March, answering questions on the topic of “Exploratory Testing” as part of the AMA series organized by The Test Tribe. Presenting an AMA was a different experience in terms of preparation compared to a more traditional slide-driven talk. I didn’t need to prepare […]