AskAppSec – Finding Closure

My personal challenge of the year,
AskAppSec, came to an end and I finally found closure. Here I’m looking back to see
what happened and what I can take with me for my next
What I aimed for

The personal challenge I set out to in …

AskAppSec – Capturing Flags

Deliberate practice proved being invaluable in my own career. The last months showed me once again that this applies to the field of security just as well.

As we can’t practice security related skills on just any system without
causing harm, we n…

AskAppSec – Dependency Updates

When one of my former managers commented on my blog post on Painless Usable Security, asking about our approach of keeping dependencies up to date, I realized that there’s more to the topic and I should write a separate post about it. So here it i…

AskAppSec – BSides Munich 2023

When I started out my
AskAppSec challenge, I’ve asked around for recommendations on communities and conferences in the
security space.
Jay Harris encouraged me to look for a local
event as in his experience these were usually friend…