AskAppSec – Input Validation

Input validation is a topic that’s been following me around for years. I’ve came across countless resources speaking about the importance of input validation, or input filtering as it’s called at times. What stuck with me is the recommendation to valid…

SoCraTes 2023 – A Place Where I Belong

I nearly didn’t go to SoCraTes this year, the “International Conference for Software Craft and Testing”. My speaking budget was already
strained, my schedule overbooked, and it would have meant going on vacation
time. But then the organizers rea…

AskAppSec – Gaining Momentum

Last time I wrote about my
struggles to kick off
AskAppSec challenge. Allowing myself to go tiny steps and considering any small thing as progress,
I was able to make just that – progress. Well, I’ve had to learn this lesson
multiple ti…