Finding Fault

Given a tester’s professional endeavours to look anywhere and everywhere for problems in a product, is there a risk that we’ll be more liable to turn this fault finding upon ourselves? I think testers have to work in a surprisingly tough world. We’ve often got tight timescales, insufficient information or resources, changing or diverse demands, […]

Working Out How I Work

I was rummaging through some paperwork the other day and rediscovered a notebook from my first testing job, all the way back in 2005. (Aside: yes, in a couple of months, I’ll have been testing in my job for 16 years!) I was a hardware and software tester, working on things like vehicle telemetry and […]

I Am A Nerd

I don’t write about books I’ve read. In fact, I don’t even really like talking about books I’ve read, either. Part of that comes from schooling and an expectation that I’d be able to do stuff like analyse a book as part of English Literature, and discover a clever allegory the author has inserted. I […]

Out Of Memory

Sometimes, you can find yourself testing something very new, and very big. Perhaps there are lots of people working on something together for the first time, not many specifications around, a number of potential ideas and directions, new technologies and/or a host of other things. This doesn’t necessarily mean something is wrong – it’s just […]

Taking Pleasure

I recently had another great discussion with a developer, essentially over hot drinks in the kitchen. We covered all sorts of topics, a lot around how testers and developers can help each other when communicating in bug reports. It’s a sensible and productive conversation to have, since both sides – and maybe others on each […]