Do It Yourself

We watched Everything Everywhere All at Once a few weeks ago, just around the time I was starting my new job and career. Unlike most people I’ve spoken to who seem to think highly of it, we enjoyed it but didn’t exactly find it Oscar-worthy, but it’s the title that’s most stuck with me since. […]

Next Stop

After 213 months, my exciting news is that I’m switching careers and have got a new job as a Quality Engineering Coach. I’ve written before about this being a very deliberate change. I had been looking for opportunities to use the skills I’d been developing over quite a few years – mentoring, teaching, onboarding, interviewing […]

213 Months

Next month will see the end of almost 18 years of me being a test engineer. It’s a scary prospect in many ways, not least for the realisation that it’s a very long amount of time generally, let alone in a single career – the vast majority of people starting university next month either hadn’t […]

Finding Fault

Given a tester’s professional endeavours to look anywhere and everywhere for problems in a product, is there a risk that we’ll be more liable to turn this fault finding upon ourselves? I think testers have to work in a surprisingly tough world. We’ve often got tight timescales, insufficient information or resources, changing or diverse demands, […]

Working Out How I Work

I was rummaging through some paperwork the other day and rediscovered a notebook from my first testing job, all the way back in 2005. (Aside: yes, in a couple of months, I’ll have been testing in my job for 16 years!) I was a hardware and software tester, working on things like vehicle telemetry and […]