Hire someone with a Testing Education

Whenever possible, you should hire testers with testing certifications

There are 2 big challenges when hiring for a role:

  1. Getting enough applicants
  2. Finding a match within those applicants

Should a hiring manager focus on hiring testers with certifications over those without?

No, they should not.

First, it creates a funnel

My Career Story

Reflecting upon the past sets the context for the present. It also reveals a system of behaviors which can we improve upon once we understand them. In my mind this story is the foundation of that system.

What’s the right ratio of developers to testers?

What’s the right ratio of developers to testers?

For as long as testers have been working with (other) developers, this question has existed. It’s a question focused on a false belief there is a right ratio in staffing levels across the industry.


Ratios are relationships

Evidence in Performance Reviews

For your annual review, I’ll need to see evidence of what you produced this year.

I don’t recall ever hearing reviews described quite this way but there’s truth in the statement. Reviews are grounded in evidence of your accomplishments, as measured against set goals.

Goodbye and Hello

Today I sent my last personal newsletter and then deleted my account.

I called it Hello and Goodbye:

Hello Friends,

It’s easily been 2 years since I’ve sent a newsletter to anyone on this mailing list. So long in fact you may not even remember having