AST Champions

AST Champions are members who have contributed significantly to our mission of advancing the science and art of software testing.

While you might think our mission isheavily focussed on software, we think of it also in terms of people and the interactions they have around the software.

That means we have a very strong interest in the software testers we help to educate, support, and grow, and particularly in our members. 

Our members are our life blood; without them we are nothing.

AST Champions

AST Champions are members who have dedicated themselves to our craft over the years. This includes volunteering as instructors on our AST-BBST softtware testing courses, making financial contributions, and promoting context-driven testing in the wider world. 

They champion AST and we think they’re champions for doing it.

Becoming a Champion

New Champions can be created by award from the AST or through membership.

Our Champions

The following individuals are Champions and have opted to have their names listed.

Ilari Aegerter
Lalit Bhamare
Chris Kenst
Rachel Kibler
Louise Perold
Eric Proegler
James Thomas