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Want to provide content for our newsletter?

We feel that members should play an active role in the content we provide both on our website and in our newsletter. For this reason we actively solicit content from our membership for publication. By submitting content for the newsletter you are not only giving yourself and like minded testers a voice, but you are also helping advance the science of software testing. Unlike other organizations AST is a non-profit that strives to advance software testing and improve the lives of software testers. By submitting content for our newsletter you have the unique opportunity to directly impact the future of software testing. In addition your content will be seen by some of the most elite software testers in the industry.

We don’t place strict guidelines on submissions, we are willing to consider most anything that is thoughtful and aligns with AST’s mission. You are welcome to write in any format you feel is appropriate which could be a standard article, a lesson learned, or even an experience report. Ultimately you are free to decide what works best in your context.

All content is reviewed by at least one member of the board. If approved and selected it will be featured in an upcoming AST Community News. While we can’t feature all the content we receive we do strive to feature the best each month. If you are interested in making a difference and getting your voice heard consider submitting content for an upcoming newsletter.

NOTE: Consideration for content is limited to active Regular and Life Members only