We are delighted to announce that the elections for 2023 are completed and we have a new board-elect. Congratulations to:

The new directors will be transitioning into their roles over the next few weeks and two of the existing board remain in place:

  • Lalit Bhamare: VP of Education
  • Chris Kenst: President

Unusually, five board members stood down in this election either because their terms had ended or for personal reasons. We’d like thank them for their contributions:

  • Trisha Chetani
  • Dwayne Green
  • Joel Montvelisky
  • Louise Perold
  • James Thomas

We also want to thank everyone who stood this time around. We had a really strong set of candidates, which made voting difficult but showed the strength in depth of our members.

Here’s to the new board!

Photo by Ian Schneider on Unsplash