Each year AST members elect candidates to the Board of Directors and this year 5 of 7 board seats are open.

Of those 5 open seats:

  • 4 are Two Year terms (will serve from 2019 to 2021), and are staggered between years to ensure continuity.
  • 1 is a One Year term (serve from 2019 to 2020) and will fulfill a vacant seat from the previous election. 

2019-2021 AST Board of Directors Candidates

Each Candidate’s was given a set of questions taken from AST member-submitted questions. Therefore, the below pages contain their replies. Please read through them to better understand the candidates and their positions on the issues. 

Ilari Henrik Aegerter

Lena Wiberg

Eric Proegler

James Thomas

Dwayne Green

Louise Perold

Outline of Remaining Election Proceedings

  • Aug 6: Start of Voting. All eligible members will be sent a link to vote electronically.
  • Aug 14: Voting closes, 6:00 PM (UTC/GMT -7)
  • Aug 15: 2019-2020 AST Board Announced at CAST

Thank you to everyone for reading this far! The Elections Committee,

Simon ‘Peter’ Schrijver & Chris Kenst