2018 Election

Each year, AST members elect candidates to the Board of Directors. This year, 3 of 7 seats are open. Terms run for Two Years, and are staggered between years to ensure continuity.

2018-2020 AST Board of Directors Candidates

Each Candidate’s answers to AST member-submitted questions is linked from their name in this section.

Chris Kenst
Lee Hawkins
Matt Heusser
Raj Subramanian
Simon “Peter” Schrijver


Outline of Election Proceedings

April 27: Open Nominations, ask membership for Candidate Questions

June 15: Close of Nominations, 11:59PM (UTC/GMT -7)

On or around June 15: Announce Eligible Candidates, membership question reminder

July 6: Close of Membership Questions, 11:59PM (UTC/GMT -7)

On or around July 9: Send Candidate Membership-Sourced Questionnaire

On or around July 30: Publish Candidate Questionnaire Answers

Aug 6: Start of Voting. All eligible members will be sent a link to vote electronically for up to three candidates.

Aug 8: Voting closes, 6:00PM (UTC/GMT -7)

Aug 9: 2018-2019 AST Board Announced at CAST

The Elections Committee,
Carol Sue Brands and Eric Proegler