After a cracking first day of the event, its workshop time at ATD2K16! I had enrolled for the “Ruby For Testers” workshop by Scott Miles. Scott is an organising committee member of TEAM and has been conducting short workshops for us at the TEAM Meetups.

The workshop was sold out and we had a great day of learning with lots of discussions, troubleshooting and setting up a Ruby framework for testing. The schedule was always a problem with the setups and explanations involved, as well as the varying knowledge skills among attendees. For my part, I had never used Ruby earlier and it was good to get an overview of the power of Ruby in Test Automation. Selenium combined with Ruby and Capybara could be quite handy tools to learn.

Note taking as such was a minimum on the day, however I managed to scribble up a mind-map for some of the things we covered at the workshop. May not be very useful as this was primarily my note taking method and you may not get the full idea without sitting in the workshop. Nevertheless, I don’t mind sharing:)

Ruby for Testers

Three other workshops were happening at the same time:

  1. Coaching Testers by Anne-Marie Charret
  2. Exploratory Testing by Paul Seaman, Lee Hawkins and Rajesh Mathur
  3. Security Testing by Santhosh Tuppad

The bad thing about conferences of this kind is that you have to make trade-offs for which sessions and workshops to attend???? I would have preferred to attend all of them!????

And thus, 2 days of awesome learning is over. What a great 2 days it has been..

The blog post cannot be ended without a special thank you to the TEAM Organising Committee. Here they are, the TEAM team:-) You guys have been terrific. Bravo!

From left to right: Paul Seaman, Rajesh Mathur, Paul Crimmins, Lee Hawkins and Scott Miles.


Not to forget the active participation from the attendees, Michael Bolton and Anne-Marie available with their wisdom to share. A great learning experience. Looking forward to the next one already!