For the past few months, along with a bit of back and forth, negotiations, discussions, conversation, and a few trial runs, I am back in the podcasting saddle once again!

Qualitest Group has agreed to do a run of podcasts with Matt Heusser, Justin Rohrman and me as regualr attendees, along with Brian Van Stone from Qualitest and a revolving cast of what we hope will be many people in the software testing world to interact with us and talk testing topics, news of the day, and have a slight propensity for silliness at times.

We have posted the first three episodes at “The Testing Show” page. The first three episodes cover “Skill on the Test Team“, “Testing as a Trusted Advisor” and “Testing When You Don’t Have Enough Testers“. We have a couple more episodes that will be posted within the next week, and then we aim to keep up to date with a new post every two weeks.

So what do we want you all to do? Well, we want you to listen. We want you to comment. We want you to suggest topics for us to talk about. Most of all, if you like what you hear, we want to have you share it with others. The more people listen, like, and respond to the podcast, the more likely that Qualitest will book us to do more shows in the future. We should also mention that while Qualitest is sponsoring the show, The Testing Show is not being used to market Qualitest, at least not directly. Of course they want to encourage people to consider them, but Qualitest does not tell us what to say or tell us what topics we cover. We do that ourselves.

Anyway, it’s been a long time. Come join us, and if you genuinely enjoy what you hear, considering getting in on the action with us. We are always interested in topics and guest speakers, so if you want to participate, let us know :)!