I’ve been mainly working remotely for the past month and did a bit of remote working before Christmas. I sure can’t complain about the lack of commute, but it definitely takes some getting used to. Here are 4 things I have learned that help make working remotely a bit easier.

1. Add some sort of structure to your day

I do this by going to the gym at lunch (it’s a very short walk). This means I have a “morning slot” and an “afternoon slot” in which to do things.

2. Find a tool to help you be productive

For me, this has been something as simple as a to-do list each morning/week. I write it by hand and draw little boxes beside each one, then tick it off as it’s done. I’ve tried online Note tools etc. But they don’t work for me nowhere near as well as handwritten to-do lists.

3. Communicate with your team

We do the standard “good mornings” but I also do my best to let them know when I won’t be available (e.g. going to the gym). I don’t actually tell everyone in my team I’m going to the gym, but only those I’m directly working with. I don’t want them messaging me and having them wonder where I am.

4. Move your body

This might sound a bit strange – but I like to stand up, have a break and either go for a 10min walk around the block (weather dependent), dance to a song (this one is my favourite) or do some lunges etc. I figured people who work in an office get to move around a much bigger space than me – and sitting still all day can make me somewhat lethargic so I need to get a bit of blood pumping.