Normally, these announcements would go up on the Weekend Testing website, but the site is down at the time of this posting, so I am taking matters into my own hands and posting it here until that gets resolved.

With that out the way… Happy New Year, everyone! Here’s wishing you all a  happy and healthy and productive 2016, and what better way to get into the groove than with your friends at Weekend Testing Americas (well, sure, you can join a session of any of the other Weekend Testing Chapters, but why not come to our first 😉 ). Without further ado, here’s what’s happening, and when/where:

WTA-68:  Mobile Website Testing
Date:  1/9/16
Time:  1pm EST/10am PST – 3pm EST/12noon PST (check your own time zone for start and end times)
Facilitator:  Jean Ann Harrison

As websites are being overhauled for viewing on mobile devices, are we checking a normally viewed website viewed on a device?  What should you consider important to tests?  Can we automate all these tests?  Yes, and we can talk about what tests can and should be automated and those that can be done faster manually.

For this weekend testing session, we’re going to focus on the type of user who uses the Weather Channel website on  mobile devices.

This means we’ll be using the browser on the device and not downloading any apps.

1.  What is the first thing any user expects to be able to view?
2.  What kind of view is the user expecting?   Fill the screen?  Scrolling?
3.  Is the font readable? Or does the user need to do something to make the website readable?
4.  Can the user view the videos?  Can the user pause the video and rotate the device and continue viewing the video?
5.  Is the website easy to access the various pages?  Think about the size of fingers or is a stylus needed?
6.  Is it easy to find the latest news?  How to navigate to the news page?
7.  How is the response time?  How is the painting of different pages?
8.  Is there a balance of content and ads?


You may RSVP to the event by sending a request to “weekendtestersamericas” on Skype and letting us know you wish to take part in the session (if you have not initiated a Contact Request, please do that and mention in the body of your message that you would like to participate in this Saturday’s session.

On Saturday, January 9, 2016, please be online and ready to connect to the session about twenty minutes before the start of the session. We are willing to add latecomers, but it gets distracting if we have to reiterate everything that happened in the earlier part of the session, so we generally limit new attendees fifteen minutes after the start of the session. We may add more people at that point, but will likely not go back and review what was covered beforehand.

Also, if this sounds like a great way to spend a Saturday to you, perhaps share this message with a number of your friends and encourage them to participate as well.

We look forward to seeing you there.

Your Weekend Testing Americas Facilitation Team
(Albert Gareev, Jean Ann Harrison, Michael Larsen and Justin Rohrman)