Testing can take a lot of inspiration from the sciences and the scientific method and I’ve blogged about some concepts that I think cross over in the past. Here’s a few examples:

The science around policy – and the policy around science – is particularly interesting because it mirrors in useful respects the relationship between a tester and a stakeholder. In What makes an academic paper useful for health policy? Christopher Witty looks at ways that scientists can better serve policy makers and  much of what he’s saying is also relevant to testers who want to do their best to:
  • put the most valuable information they can 
  • into the hands of the stakeholders who are asking for it
  • at a time where it’s useful
  • at a cost which is acceptable
  • in a manner which is easily consumable
  • and at the right level
  • with caveats and methodology clear
  • and biases minimised.
Which is all testers, I hope.