This is the 200th post on Hiccupps. At a milestone like this it’s common to pause and reflect, and I’ve done so a couple of times to date. If you are of an historical bent you might try the lengthy hundredth, or, if introspective is your thing then number 150 is perhaps more up your street.

But this one, this double centenary, this one is short and sweet and about ideas.

My blog, I see more and more, is a repository of ideas I’ve had, and sometimes about aspects of the ideas, meta ideas such as the paths to those ideas, connections between ideas and the way that ideas breed ideas.

I try hard not to knowingly regurgitate other people’s ideas unless I am commenting on them, or questioning them, or testing my own against them.

Which doesn’t mean that I don’t value them. Quite the opposite in fact: I am a fan of ideas, for and by us all; not least because with no ideas there are no good ideas.
Image: Old Book Illustrations