In this post I will provide guidelines how to cope with information overload as BBST Instructor in first week of a course.

First you should create label in your email client which helps you to easy find emails of other instructors and link to Google spreadsheet of course tasks list.

Go through the task list and get to know with tasks that you picked. Fieldstone link and Instructor’s manual are your tools. Be sure to do them before the deadline that is stated in the spreadsheet.

Then, subscribe in moodle to all forums in the form of daily digest mail. Otherwise, you will look like a truck in the picture. Schedule a time when you will go through that email every day.

Week 1 tasks that are common through all BBST courses are:

  • philosophy of quizzes
  • preview lesson 2
Preview lesson 2 is a great task because you need to read through instructor’s manual and you recap what are learning goals for that lesson!
You should also get opportunity to provide feedback in forum discussion, especially ones related to lesson task and when you detect that group or student having issues with grasping lesson learning objectives.