Testing mobile applications has its own set of challenges. Mobile application is mobile, and in order to cover all possible features, you need to test mobility of the application. Which means you need to test out mobile application in different environments. In this post I will talk about how I accidently tested mobile application in different environments.

I was preparing Appium automation demo of client application. Application was installed on our IPad Air test device. In order to run automation scenario successfully, wi-fi network access was needed. Scenario was prepared and tested in my office. We were ready to do the demo in client’s office.

I came one hour earlier to test the scenario run. And guess what, all scenarios failed. One of the most important application feature is to connect by default with other devices that could be contacted via network. In their office, client had a wide range of devices with installed application. Application on IPad discovered those devices and tried to connect with application installed on them. And for the coded automated scenario, that was not expected, and scenario failed.

What I learned? Without knowing the application that you are testing and without proper testing strategy, you can not properly test your application. Using only automation test framework is not enough. Take your device and mobile application outside. Because nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!