As a blogger, one of the nice perks that happens from time to time is that people send you items to review. Most of the time, my reviews have centered around books in PDF form or software as downloads. In other words, the item I’m reviewing is not a tangible “thing” but an electronic file(s). Today, I received my first “real thing” to review, and intriguing doesn’t even begin to describe this.

I have a setup that I use that converts a regular table into a standing desk, using two Ikea Lack end tables. When I want to sit down, I just take the tables and set them to the side, but when the standing desk configuration is in place, well, I typically stand up and do my thing. Often that also involves shifting around, putting my foot up on an upturned wastebasket, and changing positions. With my desk in the seated setup, I sometimes break out a yoga ball to use as a chair, the consistent shifting back and forth giving my core some movement and some variation. I’ve often lamented that I didn’t have something similar for a standing desk configuration.

Enter the FluidStance Level.

“What, dare say, is the FluidStance Level?” you might ask. To put it simply, it’s a balance board that you stand on while you are at your standing desk.

This is the top sheet, made of bamboo. It’s sturdy and smooth, plus it looks like a nice piece of furniture. 

The underside of the board looks like this. The base is made from aluminum with a powder coat finish. It’s very smooth and the curve of the base creates a moderate imbalance while you stand, but doesn’t feel dangerously so. 

First impressions while standing on it is that the balance point feels natural. At shoulder width stance, it feels a little like standing on a small boat out on the water. With a narrower stance, you work a bit harder to keep the balance, but it doesn’t feel at all clumsy or unpredictable. Instead, it gives a gentle swaying motion with consistent feedback to help you right your stance and keep balanced.
All well and good, I hear you saying, but what is the point to this thing? Put simply, while you are at your standing desk, you stand on the board. The consistent shifting of balance and readjusting gives your body something to do while you are working. I decided to see what thirty minutes of working would be like with The Level, and I found it to be surprisingly fluid and, dare I say it, natural. 
As you stand on the Level, you are definitely “active”, which means that you are going to probably need to step away from the desk a little more often, but what I did not feel was fatigued or sore. In fact, it felt the opposite. I found myself feeling very relaxed, even with the shifting weight. Of course, the standing desk to balance myself against also helps.
So what’s my verdict on the FluidStance Level? I personally enjoy the sense of shifting movement. I liken it very much to sitting on yoga ball if you have a sitting arrangement set up. It’s surprisingly comfortable, and it’s easy to get the hang of the sweet spot to balance with little effort. There’s something nice about having a product that you did not even know existed come into your reality and have you say “wow, I’ve waited years for this!” but of course you didn’t because you had no idea such a device even existed. I’m looking forward to using this balance board in the years to come.