Towards the end of my workshop “Fast Feedback Loops & Fun with Ruby” at the London Tester Gathering 2015 (in June 2015), I asked the attendees about suggestions for new material to go into the book. The topic that was mentioned first was “Testing Rake tasks”, so that’s going to be the next chapter I will work on. Meanwhile, an older blog post Testing Rake Tasks may be worth reading (mind you, that post is about two years old now).

When the chapter is ready to be released (in July or August ’15), the price of the book will go up a little bit, but of course everyone who bought the book before, will get the “update” for free.

If you have already read “Fast Feedback Using Ruby”, I’d love to hear from you! Tell me what you think. What do you think is missing? What should be improved? Just send an e-mail to or contact me as @S_2K on Twitter.

Addendum (18. July 2015)

The chapter will be published in two parts. The first one “Testing Legacy Rake Tasks” should be available before August. The second part “Test Driven Development of Rake Tasks” is planned for August.

Again: The book price will go up in a few days, so if you like to get the next chapters at the current price, now is a good time to buy it at

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